Our chickens are pastured daily, free range and supplemented with Non-GMO feed.  Eggs are also collected multiple times a day.   Did you know most grocery stores eggs are WEEKS old before they get to your house?   Contact us and grab a dozen eggs that were laid the same day you call.


Many people ask, “What kind of chickens do you have?”

There is no quick answer for that because we have a wide variety of chickens and we like to have a variation in what we are watching from the kitchen window.


Right now, we have a grab bag of egg layers here at the farm.  For you chicken aficionados out there we have Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, Orpington, Ameracauna, Leghorn, Red Sexlink, Red Laced Wyandotte, Easter Eggers (Lay green eggs) and even a few silkies thrown in the mix.   


Our chickens are like pets to us, and you can often find one of the kids sitting on the swing with a chicken in their lap.   If you tour the farm with Tina and Hunter nearby they will tell you the name of each and every chicken.


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