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Our meat bird operation is slightly different than our egg laying operation.


We raise our meat chickens in chicken tractors in the field.


Raising our chickens on pasture results in a high quality meat that you can’t buy in the grocery store.   We move our tractors up to twice a day to ensure that the flock is always enjoying the “cream” of the pasture - bugs and tender young grass.  Quick movement also prevents disease buildup by keeping young chickens from sitting around in their own waste.  This keeps us from ever having to use antibiotics in our poultry.

This is a multi-beneficial thing for everyone.  The chickens get fresh pasture and our pasture gets fresh fertilizer and all of us get FRESH chickens!  

Our chickens take 10-12 weeks to get to “market” stage, which is considerably longer than commercially raised 'cornish cross' chickens.  We use NO hormones or steroids to speed up the process.