In 2014,  Adam Neil retired from the USAF.   Packing up his family of four, he returned to his home in Warrenton where his father, Tom, grows boxwood, Japanese maples, hollies, and other landscaping materials.  While contemplating his next career move, his wife, Laura, and their children embraced country living.   Seizing the opportunity, Adam, who had raised chickens as a youngster, suggested getting a few chickens - eggs for the family and lessons in responsibility for the kids.   Three hens and one rooster quickly became twelve chickens, and the story begins...


A large bay window in the family kitchen overlooks the back pasture and offers a perfect viewing station for "Chicken TV."  Adam and Tom can often be found watching the antics in the chicken field while discussing new farm ideas.    It was during one of these bull sessions that they realized that Henry, the rooster,  was always strutting proudly around his harem of lovely hens.   The comment was made, "That is one Happy Cock!"

daughter Sabrina and son-in-law, Lance, RAN WITH THE IDEA AND PRESENTED Tom with their custom sign bearing what is now our logo.  Happy Cock Farm was born.


Chickens are "gateway" livestock.   We added ducks,  then honey bees, and MORE chickens.  At the time of this writing we are at 300 chickens and counting.  Besides laying hens, we offer Non-GMO, pastured, antibiotic- and pesticide- free chickens.  

The farm is ever growing in the scope of products we offer.   Drawing from Tom's expertise in horticulture,  a Christmas tree farm was planted and will be providing a 'cut your own' tree experience in a few years.

We like to treat our free range chickens to fresh produce as often as possible.   Subsequently, two large garden plots are employed to provide food for the family, specialty products such as jams, jellies, relishes, pickled everything, and treats for the chickens.

while this is a family rUn farm, we could not do this without the help oF THE many new friends we have met along the way.  The support from the local community has been such a blessing.    

What we offer


  • Eggs

  • Chicken

  • Jams and Jellies

  • Fresh Vegetables

  • pickled everything

  • baby alpaca blankets

  • llama wool socks

  • specialty seasonings

  • boxwood

  • Holly

  • Japanese Maples

  • Redbud

  • Christmas Trees